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August 2, 2008

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  5. I haven't come to grips with turkey day coming up so quickly yet – I'm so not ready for Christmas! I am already feeling like I'm going to be so behind this year and things haven't even started!

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  10. My esteemed Father, Billy Bryan Marvel, was one of those “old-style Democrats in ’68″…And a delegate to the National Convention in Chicago (with a full vote)… No punk like Andrew Sullivan shoud ever be thought of in the same room as my Pop…Let alone compare his feelings with what went on in ’68… (This could go long…But not right now – Maha knows what I was up to in ’68)

  11. It did not turn out as I had imagined when I first started reading. I love it all the same. Very clever! I can remember wanting to live in my doll house when I was a little girl. LOL… this brought back a bunch of good childhood memories.Â

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  23. Después del comentario que ha hecho hoy a las 08:45 horas mis sospechas apuntan a que la Sargento no es otra que el mismísmo Antonio Muñoz Molina que viste y calza (o Alessandro Baricco). LOL

  24. Time to just let it all collapse, and start over.Our economy is a house of cards right now.I'm starting to pray for a good gust of wind to come along and knock it down….

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  27. This piece was a lifejacket that saved me from drowning.

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  32. Susanne,((((Hugs)))) I will be praying for you my dear friend. I know this was hard for you to write ~ but always know that God loves you more than you can even imagine. I pray that you will be renewed and refreshed while taking a break from the blogging world.Blessings and prayers to you…

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  42. Tim J,Dan, you’re still putting stock into the polls even after last night?Yes, actually. The polls did accurately predict John McCain’s rise, did they not? I too was surprised and somewhat disappointed that Hillary won (I am a supporter of Barack Obama), but after looking at all the evidence more closely, it wasn’t a surprise. Remember, she led the state all year long.

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  59. Great post, and I’ve always loved Shianni’s story for breaking the fridging mold I was fairly convinced she was going to fall into, at first. It’s also worth noting that in the City Elf origin, your PC has an “arranged marriage” love interest, opposite gender, who gets tangled up in the whole Kidnapped/Escape from Rapists quest. Between the male love interest and the female love interest, one of them dies, and one of them survives. And the Dragon Age writers chose to kill off the male love interest.

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  62. Q: The very same Srinivasan- he has had a couple of good movies recently in lead roles.He is indeed a remarkable actor- he can achieve the results you’ve described in comic roles (the most recent example was Udayananu Tharam where the Mohanlal/Srinivasan “couple” was reunited) but he excels in serious roles as well. I’ve also loved the 3 movies he’s directed.

  63. Colonic irrigation, Jamie? I don’t think you need it, sunshine. Enough shit already comes out of your mouth and you talk through your arse all the time. And I see Dave’s back to his role as enabler. Idiots.

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  65. Good thing white guys can at least get some jobs now. I know how you were whining about how they're shut out of diversicrat jobs a post or two ago. Go white guys.

  66. Seriously. You won SIXTY-SEVEN games with him as your starting center and then he plays 38 minutes in a 6-game series.Who could possibly be that moronic? Really!?

  67. Wat een prachtige winkels hebben jullie bezocht,heb genoten van al het moois wat je hebt gefotografeerd/gekocht. Afsluiten op een terras is altijd goed ;)Fijne week! Groeten, Miranda

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