A Post With an Ordered List

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An Ordered List

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September 11, 2008

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  30. Welcome home Stuart! Looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing about some of the gardens that you visited during your trip. I’ll also have to check out your Aussie Road Trip Blog. Hope you unpack and settle back in quickly.

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  33. Thank God I found this discussion. I was so angry at Ms Acocella that I had started to write my very own letter to the editor. I’m very relieved to learn that better minds (and pens) than mine have undertaken this rebuttal. I hate how any twit who speaks a language automatically considers themselves a linguist (I love the gender neutral plural btw, and have not shied away from teaching it as tomorrow’s standard English to my ESL students)…

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  35. This is beautiful Elaine. You are shining. Thank you for your strong stand and for trusting God in the midst of where you are. Knowing you has blessed me more than I know how to say, and I have a hunch the blessings are just beginning!We walk beside you.Love,Sonja

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  39. Mietinpä tuossa… Onko tässä asiassa kuinkakin sukupuolien välillä eroa, miten käyttäytyy…Näin vaan kun tuo Evitan toimittaja on tehnyt koko juttunsa tiukasti ”jos nainen, niin mitä mies” vuoroparein.

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